Avoiding Renter's Regret: Understanding Renter's Insurance Coverage

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Avoiding Renter's Regret: Understanding Renter's Insurance Coverage

Moving into my first apartment brought along a whole series of new experiences. I didn't realize that the property insurance my landlord carried wouldn't cover my belongings. I was lucky to find out before anything happened, and I spent a lot of time researching the difference between renter's insurance and the property coverage for landlords. I built this site to share all of the information that I learned, including the insurance coverage best practices I picked up along the way. If you're new to renting and don't have any renter's insurance, I hope the information here helps you to see how it could benefit you and what you need to do to get it.


Will Your Home Insurance Protect Your Valuable Items?

30 June 2016
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Home insurance is designed to protect both your home and all of the contents in it. If your belongings are damaged due to a fire or stolen from a break-in, home insurance can help get back what was taken from you. That said, an insurance policy might not cover certain valuable items if there were stolen or destroyed. Make sure to follow these 3 tips to ensure you have enough coverage. Read More …

No Homeowner’s Insurance? You Are Risking It All.

3 June 2016
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

When you have a mortgage, carrying homeowner's insurance is mandatory. Your lender is simply not going to let your home be unprotected. Once you pay off your home, however, you may be tempted to let the coverage slide, particularly if you are hit by some big bills. Going without coverage or with minimal insurance may expose you to great financial loss. Cost Homeowner's insurance can certainly be expensive. If you look at the premiums and your deductible, you may believe that you can simply not afford the thousands of dollars that good home coverage costs you every year. Read More …

4 Tips For Saving Money On Home Insurance

20 May 2016
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

As a homeowner, having home insurance is essential for your financial protection. After all, if serious damages were to happen to your home, you likely wouldn't be able to pay for the repairs needed out of pocket. Plus, if you have a mortgage loan, most lenders will require that you have some form of home insurance anyway. If you are looking to save money on your home insurance expenses, here are four tips to consider: Read More …

Answering Common Auto Insurance Questions

9 May 2016
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Driving your car to work or to run errands may not be something that you give a second thought to. However, operating an automobile on a public road can actually be a very risky thing to do. If you are involved in an accident, you may find yourself liable for damages and injuries to other people as well as your damages and injuries. For these reasons, it is critically important for you to make sure that you are protected by insurance, but if you have limited experience buying insurance, you may not be fully aware of the benefits of opting for a comprehensive policy over one that only offers liability protection. Read More …

Is Optional Insurance For You?

22 April 2016
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You probably already know that you must meet the minimum amount of insurance required by law or by your lender. However, did you know there's a wide range of optional insurance you can add to further protect your vehicles and passengers? While many of them are not for everyone, they may be useful especially if you have a certain type of vehicle or unusual circumstances. Here are four types of optional insurance that may help you out of an unusual situation. Read More …