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Avoiding Renter's Regret: Understanding Renter's Insurance Coverage

Moving into my first apartment brought along a whole series of new experiences. I didn't realize that the property insurance my landlord carried wouldn't cover my belongings. I was lucky to find out before anything happened, and I spent a lot of time researching the difference between renter's insurance and the property coverage for landlords. I built this site to share all of the information that I learned, including the insurance coverage best practices I picked up along the way. If you're new to renting and don't have any renter's insurance, I hope the information here helps you to see how it could benefit you and what you need to do to get it.


What Insurance Will Help You If You Have A House Fire

27 December 2022
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Two of the most common and costly home insurance claims are for lightning and fire damage, with 35% of home insurance claims falling into that category. That is why you want to make sure that you are well prepared for a worst-case scenario where you have a house fire. When the time comes to select your home insurance policy, you'll definitely want to keep the following things in mind. How Much Dwelling Coverage Do You Have? Read More …

Are You Shopping For Automobile Insurance Coverage? Here’s How To Make The Right Decision

27 December 2022
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Some people put off buying or renewing their auto insurance, arguing it's too expensive. But, unfortunately, this gets them into serious problems when they hit other road users. You should know when an incident happens, uninsured motorists incur huge financial losses because they pay for the damages caused by the crash from their pocket. This explains why you should consider getting auto coverage for your new vehicle or renewing your existing policy if it has expired. Read More …

Understanding The Different Types Of Coverage Included In Your Car Insurance Policy

10 November 2022
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There are a variety of different types of coverage that may be included in your car insurance policy. Understanding the protection that each type of coverage offers will help to ensure you know exactly what situations you are covered for and what situations you are not covered for. Below you can learn more about the different types of coverage that are available to purchase as part of your car insurance policy. Read More …

4 Ways A Public Adjuster Can Help You Navigate Your Insurance Claim

10 October 2022
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You may think that paying your insurance premiums entitles you to prompt claims response once you suffer a loss, but unfortunately, that is not always true. Filing an insurance claim with the company can sometimes be a complicated process. The insurance adjuster who handles the claim works for the insurance company and usually looks for ways to save the company money. Fortunately, public adjuster services advocate for you and can help you navigate these complex waters. Read More …

3 Car Insurance Add-Ons You Should Consider

22 August 2022
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Auto insurance protects you against financial loss if your car sustains damage. You can select the mandatory third-party insurance plan that offers limited protection or you can select comprehensive insurance. A comprehensive insurance plan gives the highest level of protection, including coverage for repairs, personal injury claims, and property damage.  You can strengthen your comprehensive insurance policy by investing in optional add-ons at an extra cost. Here is a rundown of some essential insurance add-ons you can consider. Read More …