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Avoiding Renter's Regret: Understanding Renter's Insurance Coverage

Moving into my first apartment brought along a whole series of new experiences. I didn't realize that the property insurance my landlord carried wouldn't cover my belongings. I was lucky to find out before anything happened, and I spent a lot of time researching the difference between renter's insurance and the property coverage for landlords. I built this site to share all of the information that I learned, including the insurance coverage best practices I picked up along the way. If you're new to renting and don't have any renter's insurance, I hope the information here helps you to see how it could benefit you and what you need to do to get it.


Myths Of Auto Insurance

21 November 2014
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Have you ever heard that driving ared car will increase your auto insurance premiums? If you are driving in a red car, you are more likely to speed and get in an accident right? Wrong. This is just one of the many myths that are floating around that relate to auto insurance. The truth is the color of your car has nothing to do with your insurance premium. Insurance companies are more concerned about driving habits, make, model, your age, and age of your vehicle. Read More …

How Truck Driving Companies Handle Accident Claims With Their Union Reps

14 November 2014
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Drivers who work for and are part of a trucking union have commercial trucking insurance through their employers but truckers are protected by union representatives when they get into a trucking accident. That does not mean that employers should not be notified of an accident. It just means that there is more than one person to notify. Since you are part of a union, your employer cannot fire you because of an accident (or two). Read More …

Three Tips To Help You Save Money On Automobile Insurance

10 November 2014
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Automobile insurance is one of the most important aspects of owning a car.  Unfortunately, it can often be one of the more expensive components of vehicle ownership.  Although car insurance certainly serves a very critical role in preserving financial solvency when an accident occurs, some people struggle to make their monthly premium payments.  Rather than risk receiving a violation because you've allowed your insurance to lapse, use these tips to learn more about how you can reduce your car insurance costs. Read More …

Lower Your Risk To Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates

29 September 2014
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When determining how much to charge for your auto insurance policy, insurance companies will perform what is known as a risk assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to determine how likely you will be to file a claim against the policy. The higher the risk is of you filing a claim, the higher your insurance rates will inevitably be. While there are some risk factors that you cannot influence, such as your age, there are many ways that you can go about reducing your overall risk, and therefore reduce your insurance costs as well. Read More …