4 Ways A Public Adjuster Can Help You Navigate Your Insurance Claim

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4 Ways A Public Adjuster Can Help You Navigate Your Insurance Claim

10 October 2022
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You may think that paying your insurance premiums entitles you to prompt claims response once you suffer a loss, but unfortunately, that is not always true. Filing an insurance claim with the company can sometimes be a complicated process. The insurance adjuster who handles the claim works for the insurance company and usually looks for ways to save the company money. Fortunately, public adjuster services advocate for you and can help you navigate these complex waters.

Here are some ways a public adjuster services company can help.

1. Review Your Claim

Not all insurance claims are viable, payable claims. While your claim may appear to be a strong claim to you, it may not meet all necessary merits in your policy required for payment. Your claim may be deemed disputable, meaning the insurance company may have grounds to deny your claim. 

A public adjuster will review your claim. They will advise you if the components of your claim are disputable and ways to strengthen those areas of your claim. 

2. Complete Forms

Depending on the type of claim you file, there may be numerous forms required by the insurance company. Some of the questions on the documents can be very confusing. If you do not answer the questions correctly, the company can reject your claim. If any of these forms or documentation is not complete, the company will also not pay your claim. 

A public adjuster works for you and with you to complete all necessary claim documentation. Because the adjuster has years of insurance experience, they understand the language in the forms and know what information the insurance company is seeking. 

3. Expedite Your Claim

Have you ever filed an insurance claim and waited an extended period for the company to resolve your claim? Many insurance policies contain language that allows them to take their time in settling claims. When you utilize public adjuster services, your adjuster can help expedite your claim and get you paid sooner.

The adjusters ensure no outstanding components prevent your claim from being paid. By knowing and having relationships with people in the various departments needed to clear your payment, the adjuster can keep your payment moving through the system.

4. Obtain A Higher Recovery

If the insurance company does not offer or pay a settlement you feel is sufficient, your public adjuster can reopen and review your claim. If they discover any discrepancies between your claim and the payment made, they may be able to renegotiate your claim with the company and obtain a higher recovery.