Tips To Remember When Seeking A New Auto Insurance Policy

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Tips To Remember When Seeking A New Auto Insurance Policy

8 May 2023
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Are you looking for a new auto insurance policy? If you are thinking about seeking a new auto insurance quote, it's important to do a little work beforehand in order to ensure the process goes smoothly and to help you secure the best deal possible. Here are some tips to keep in mind when thinking about switching auto insurance policies.

Get Your Information Ready

When seeking out an auto insurance quote, you probably already know you'll need your driver's license information and you likely already have that handy in your purse or wallet. But don't forget that you will also need your vehicle registration card which will include your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and other important information. If you have any information about past accidents, get that information handy to refresh your memory.

Tell the Truth About Past Incidents

Speaking of past accidents or other incidents, you will want to tell the truth when entering this information prior to getting your insurance quote. The insurance agency is likely to run a background check on your driving history anyway, so it's likely they are going to find out if you do have an accident of some kind on your driving record. But perhaps the biggest reason you should tell the truth is that if it comes out later than you withheld this information, it could lead to a claim being denied or your policy even being canceled. As with most things in life, honesty is the best policy.

Shop Around

Even if you are pleased with the first quote you receive, consider shopping around and getting multiple quotes. This will help you see a variety of options and find the right policy with the best mix of price versus available coverage. If you will be speaking to an insurance agent directly, don't be afraid to mention you've been looking around or ask if someone can find a way to go even lower on their quote.

Cheapest May Not Be Best

While you may be looking for the lowest possible premium, be sure you are still getting the minimum amount of coverage you need to protect yourself. Paying a little more money in exchange for dramatically better coverage can help provide you with peace of mind while you are out on the road. If you are interested in specific features or benefits like roadside assistance or rental car coverage, be sure to ask the insurance agent about these options.

Seek Discount Options

Most insurance providers will offer customers a variety of ways to bring their bills even lower. You could get a discount for having multiple policies within the same family, the high schooler on your policy could help you out by getting good grades, and so on.

Talk to a local insurance provider if you are interested in getting an auto insurance quote.