Are You Purchasing A New Auto Insurance Policy? Questions You Are Asked And Why You Are Asked Them

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Are You Purchasing A New Auto Insurance Policy? Questions You Are Asked And Why You Are Asked Them

9 March 2023
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As you go about purchasing a new auto insurance policy, you will be asked a number of questions. Many people simply answer the questions without giving too much thought to why these questions are answered. Here are a few of the questions that are asked and the reasons why these questions are asked when you are purchasing auto insurance. 

Where Do You Live? 

One of the first questions you will be asked when obtaining a new auto insurance policy is where you live. It is standard to have to provide an address, so people do not think that there is a reason this question is asked. But, there is. Your car is statistically more at risk of being stolen, damaged, or in a collision in some neighborhoods compared to others. This is the primary reason you are asked where you live and where the car is stored. 

Do You Use the Car For Any Type of Work? 

Another question you will be asked when purchasing auto insurance is whether you use the vehicle for work. This may include jobs such as ride share, grocery delivery, or food delivery services. If you use your car for any type of work, you will need a commercial endorsement or add-on to your insurance policy or a commercial auto insurance policy. Traditional auto insurance will not cover you when you are driving for work. 

How Many Miles Do You Drive Your Car? 

As you look to purchase auto insurance, you will be asked how many miles you drive your car each month or each year. You may also be asked specifically how many miles you commute to and from work and where you work. The reason why these questions are asked is that you may be more likely to be involved in an accident the more you drive. Additionally, many auto insurers offer discounts if you drive your vehicle a minimal number of miles per year. 

Auto insurance companies ask a number of different questions when you are looking to purchase car insurance because these questions all play a role in how much you will be charged for your auto insurance policy and in helping you to find the right auto insurance policy for your needs. While you can purchase auto insurance online, you should reach out to an insurance agent or broker if you have any questions pertaining to auto insurance or need help finding the right policy for your needs. 

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