Need An SR22? What You Should Know If You Don't Own A Car

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Need An SR22? What You Should Know If You Don't Own A Car

26 June 2015
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An SR22 is a certificate of financial responsibility that shows that you have the insurance the state requires if you've been deemed a high-risk driver. Often required after a DUI, license suspension or driving without car insurance, you'll have to have the policy before you can restore your driving privileges. Whether you totaled your car and haven't replaced it or sold it to pay your fines, you may want to restore your license before you invest in a new car. A non-owners SR22 may be the answer for you.

What Is a Non-Owners SR22?

The non-owners SR22 policy provides you with the necessary liability coverage for instances when you're driving someone else's vehicle. It serves as the assurance to the state that you have the coverage required of you without the requirement that you insure a specific vehicle. This gives you the chance to get your license back even if you can't afford another car yet.

How Do You Qualify for a Non-Owners SR22?

Unless your insurance company totaled your previous car as part of an accident claim, you'll have to show your insurance agent documentation of the sale of your other vehicle. You'll also have to prove that you don't have access to any other vehicles in the house. Some states might even require that you sign a statement guaranteeing that you aren't required to have an ignition interlock, which the court may order for repeat offenders with DUI charges.

Why Should You Choose a Non-Owners SR22?

The cost of your SR22 insurance is largely dependent on your driving record. So, the severity of the moving violation or infraction that led to the SR22 requirement is going to be a significant factor in your costs. But, like other policies, the type of car you drive can also contribute to that cost. That means that you could save money on your premiums by not having a car listed on the policy.

Also, most courts require that you carry the SR22 for a specific period of time. By opting for the non-owners SR22, you can start the clock counting down on your required coverage period right away. The sooner you buy the coverage, the sooner you'll reach the end of that required coverage period.

Many drivers believe that they have to have another car before they can get the SR22 and restore their license. This misconception can delay the process, particularly when the funds aren't available to purchase another car. If you want to reinstate your license without buying a new car, talk to your insurance agent about a non-owners SR22.