6 Ways To Promote Safety With Your Teenager

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6 Ways To Promote Safety With Your Teenager

22 May 2015
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One of the scariest things for a parent is handing the keys over to your teenager. It is a monumental step and a scary one. There are steps you can take as a parent to keep your teenagers are while driving. Here are six things you can do to promote safer driving with your teenager.

Put Off Getting a License Until They Are Ready

Many parents look forward to their teenagers driving so they no longer need to play chauffeur. However, you need to make sure your teenagers are ready to take on the responsibility. Use the time that they have their permits to make sure that your teenagers are attentive. Although your teenagers have to pass a test to get their license, make sure you are comfortable with them on the road before you take them in to get it.

Driving Safety Classes

One of the key steps to helping your teenagers be safe drivers is to have them understand the steps they need to take to stay safe. In addition to basic driver's education, you can enroll them in a teen safety course. Many auto insurance companies will offer a discount on the insurance if they complete the class every year. Ask your insurance company about this discount and for recommendations for a good program.

Limit Friends in the Car

Many accidents happen due to distraction. One way to avoid this is to limit the number of friends that are in the car with your teenagers. You may set a rule that the first six months your teenagers are not allowed to drive with any friends or limit it to a school car pool. As your teens' skills improve, then you can allow your teenagers to start driving around with friends.

Set Up A Parent-Teen Driving Agreement

Another thing you can do is to set up a parent teen driving agreement that you both sign. The CDC recommends that you cover everything from obeying traffic laws to not eating in the car. The agreement should list restrictions and consequences for breaking the rules. This agreement can help your teenagers to understand the rules before they start driving and gives you a clearly outlined set of consequences to follow.

Prohibit Texting and Driving

Another big distraction for many teen drivers is texting or phone calls while driving. There are apps available that you can install that turn off texting and other apps while someone is driving. You may want to look into installing one. You should try not to text your teens if you know that your teens are currently driving. Have your teens sign a no texting pledge to help them to stay safe on the road.

Have An Open-Call Policy

Another important thing you can do to prevent accidents is to have a policy that allows your teens to call you if they are impaired and unable to drive. This can prevent them from driving while intoxicated and prevent serious accidents. This is difficult for many parents to enact because they do not want to condone underage drinking, but it may save the life of your child.

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