Why You Need to Sign Up for Farm Insurance

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Why You Need to Sign Up for Farm Insurance

16 April 2015
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Farm insurance is an umbrella term for a number of policies designed for entrepreneurs involved in any type of farming activity, such as agriculture or breeding. If you've recently decided to start a farm business, then you need to make sure that you will be protected against the various perils that are associated with your sector of activity, including vandalism or bad weather. This article discusses why you need to sign up for farm insurance.

You're exploiting someone else's land

Farm rental is very common because it gives farmers more flexibility in terms of desired production levels. For example, if you set new production goals that exceed your farm's production capacity, then you'll only be able to reach those by using someone else's land. The same thing is true if you need more grazing land to accommodate the increasing size of your livestock.

While you might think that there's no real need to get farm coverage in such circumstances, you also need to consider the fact that you might incur huge losses in the event of a drought, for instance, when trying to grow fruits or vegetable on that rental land. Should any event disrupt your business activity, your farm insurance policy will cover you.

Your production essentially comes from your land 

Getting farm insurance when you're a farm business owner gives you the opportunity to cover everything that sits on your land. This means that if you and your relatives are living in a homestead located near the ranch/farm, the protection will not only be active on your personal belongings, but also on everything that relates to your farming business, such as crops and machines.

Although these are two individual policies, you have the option of requesting that your insurer writes them under a single policy. And even if your homestead is located at a distance from your farm, you'll still be able to insure it in the same way as described above.

As a farmer, you must be familiar with the types of disasters that often strike in your sector of activity. The severity of such events can lead to the end of a farm business, since you'll not only be sustaining considerable losses, but it'll take another year or so before you can produce anything. That's why it's best to be protected against the unexpected. Contact a local farm insurance firm like John L Lynch Agency to find out which policy is right for you.