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Avoiding Renter's Regret: Understanding Renter's Insurance Coverage

Moving into my first apartment brought along a whole series of new experiences. I didn't realize that the property insurance my landlord carried wouldn't cover my belongings. I was lucky to find out before anything happened, and I spent a lot of time researching the difference between renter's insurance and the property coverage for landlords. I built this site to share all of the information that I learned, including the insurance coverage best practices I picked up along the way. If you're new to renting and don't have any renter's insurance, I hope the information here helps you to see how it could benefit you and what you need to do to get it.


Personal Injury: Avoid These 2 Pitfalls While Making Your Claim

25 February 2016
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The complexity of injury claims can seem intimidating and discourage you from seeking compensation. There are many pitfalls that can lead to your claim going unsettled, which is why it helps to understand the law and have an experienced injury lawyer by your side to guide you through the process. Read on to learn common problems that could delay your settlement or result in your claim being dismissed, so you can better prepare yourself to mount a successful fight for compensation. Read More …

Everything You Need To Know About Life Insurance

3 September 2015
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Not everyone is in immediate need of life insurance. While it is never going to hurt you to have life insurance. There is no reason to invest in another bill you cannot afford if you are not in an immediate need for it. For example, if you are young, healthy, and have no dependents – you are not an ideal candidate for life insurance. If you, however, have a family or plan on having one, it would be a good idea to learn more about life insurance. Read More …